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Class of 2021 ACREL New Member Nomination and Selection

A full, active membership is vital to the lasting success of ACREL.  The member selection process is a means to ensure that the College remains strong.

Member Selection Rules 

The College’s Bylaws set out the foundational rules for membership in the College. These rules have been supplemented by the Board of Governors in Guidelines for Regular Member Selection. The Member Selection Committee (“MSC”) supplies a Commentary on the Guidelines for Member Selection.  Copies of the Bylaws, Guidelines and Commentary are also reprinted in the ACREL Directory.


Member Selection Process  

Membership is by election of the Board of Governors, following nomination and balloting by Fellows and review and recommendation by the MSC. The Membership Development Committee (“MDC”) assists in development of appropriate candidates for election and in the nomination process.  The process has three components.

Member development.  During the year, the MDC works with Fellows to identify and cultivate potential candidates for membership.  The MDC also assists Fellows in identifying seconders and other resources within the College and in submitting appropriate nomination materials during the nominating period. While the efforts of the MDC are extremely valuable in the development of candidates for ACREL, the final determination regarding election to the College is in the hands of the MSC, the current Fellows who cast ballots, and the Board of Governors.

Nominations and voting.  Each Fall, written nominations for new Fellows are submitted, together with information about each of the nominees.   This information is posted on the ACREL website.  Fellows provide input and vote online for nominees.  

Review and selection.  After voting closes, the MSC reviews each candidate’s qualifications, including the information contained in the nominating package and the ballots, and makes recommendations to the Board of Governors.  At the Mid-Year Meeting, the Board determines who will be invited to become new Fellows.

Thinking of nominating?
Nominations for Fellows to be admitted in 2021 will open on September 8 and must be submitted by November 2, 2020. The MSC has developed Nomination Instructions to help you through the process.

Ready to nominate?

Here are the forms:

Proposal for Membership 

ACREL Form of Resume 

Form Seconding letter 

See also the Clerical Checklist to help your office assemble and submit the nomination.  



Member Selection Committee Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2021_Nomination_Instructions.pdf PDF (150.79 KB) Administration 6/2/2020
2020-2021_Proposal_for_Membership.pdf PDF (124.13 KB) Administration 6/2/2020
2020-2021_Proposal_for_Membership.docx DOCX (24.92 KB) Administration 6/2/2020
2020-2021_Form_of_Seconding_Letter.pdf PDF (69.09 KB) Administration 6/2/2020
2020-2021_Form_of_Seconding_Letter.docx DOCX (25.81 KB) Administration 6/2/2020
2020-2021_Form_of_Resume.pdf PDF (65.04 KB) Administration 6/2/2020
2020-2021_Form_of_Resume.docx DOCX (23.43 KB) Administration 6/2/2020
2020-2021_Clerical_Checklist.pdf PDF (113.01 KB) Administration 6/2/2020