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Committees & Affinity Groups

Substantive Committees

Fellows of the College have organized the following committees to address the areas of substantive law and practice indicated below. Fellows interested in joining any of the substantive committees should contact the committee chair or the ACREL office to be added to the committee list.

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(Note: each committee must submit at least two topics annually.)

Acquisitions Committee
Committee Chair: Misty M. Sanford

Innovation & Practice Committee
Committee Chair: Scott Lesser

Attorneys Opinions Committee
Committee Chair: Doug Selph 
Insurance Committee
Committee Chair: Tom Whelan
Bankruptcy and Real Estate Litigation Committee
Committee Chair: Trev Peterson
Land Use/Environmental Committee
Committee Chair: Michael Buckley
Capital Markets and Real Estate Finance Committee
Committee Chair: Sara Wagner
Leasing Committee
Committee Chair: Sujata Yalamanchili
Committee on Professional Responsibility
Committee Chair: Eric Rapkin
Professors-Law School Teaching Committee
Committee Chair: Doug Bregman
Common Interest Ownership Committee
Committee Chair: Joe McCarthy
Public Policy Committee
Committee Chair: David Jones
Construction Law Committee
Committee Chair: Trippe Hawthorne
Public-Private Partnerships Committee
Committee Chair: Cary Wright
Equity Investment Structures Committee
Committee Chair: Jennifer Morgan
Title Insurance Committee
Committee Chair: Jim Gosdin
Hotels, Resorts, and Hospitality Industry Committee
Committee Chair: Teresa Goebel



Governance and Administrative Committees

In addition to the duties performed by the Board of Governors, officers and Directors, certain specific governance and administrative activities are performed by the committees described below. Membership on governance and administrative committees is by appointment by the President.

ACREL Cares! Public Service Committee
Committee Chair: Adam Weissburg

Finance Committee (Sponsorships)
Committee Chair: Bill Sklar

Advocacy & Amicus Committee
Committee Co-Chairs: Tom Kaufman and Cliff McKinney
Meetings Committee
Committee Co-Chairs: Leslee Lewis and Danna Kozerski
Audit Committee
Committee Chair: Bill Sklar
Membership Development Committee
Committee Chair: Steve Mezer
Board of Governors
President: Barry Hines
Member Selection Committee
Committee Chair: John Nolan
Bylaws Committee
Committee Co-Chairs: Ken Jacobson and Tom Kaufman
Nominating Committee
Committee Chair: Ann Cargile
Communications Committee
Committee Chair: Mike Pickett
Orientation and Integration Committee
Committee Chair: David Matthews
Compensation Committee
Committee Chair: Marilyn Maloney
Programs Committee
Committee Chair: Mark Krysinski
Executive Committee
President: Barry Hines
Publications Committee
Committee Chair: Brent Shaffer


Affinity Groups

Fellows of the College have organized the following affinity groups to address the topics and areas as they relate to substantive law and practice indicated below. Fellows interested in joining any of the affinity groups should contact the ACREL office to be added to the group list. 

Climate Impact Affinity Group
Co-Chairs: Trish Voth Blankenship and Ira Waldman 

Senior Counselors
Chair: David Gordon

In-House Counsel
Chair: John Mallinson